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LetzHop gets ready to celebrate Merdeka!

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Hop over to the Story Time section in LetzChill and read all about on how Pulau Tioman got its name.
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LetzDiscover’s Fact of the Day!



Did you know that Jalur Gemilang once sailed around the world?


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LetzPlay’s ARRANGE ME!



It’s time to see how clever you are! Arrange the puzzle pieces to create a complete picture!


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LetzHop’s Daily Dose of Fun!

Shout Your Heart Out!



Here’s your chance to post a shout out to your friends in! Send short messages to say a simple hello or announce what’s new with you. You can even wish your friends Salam Merdeka!
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LetzDiscover’s Daily Fact!



Malaysia’s 51st Independence Day is just around the corner. Have you got your Jalur Gemilangs ready? Wait. Do you even know how to fly the flag properly?


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LetzPlay’s PICK ME!



A fun game where you can learn to recognize your local fruits! Guide your motorcycle on the road to collect the fruits needed to complete the game.


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LetzHop Sports Edition!


8th August 2008 was the official launch date for the Beijing Olympics. It lasted until the 24th with China as the host, winning huge with 51 gold medals. Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei created history for his country by winning the silver medal in the Badminton Men’s Singles, improving the record of a bronze medal in which Rashid Sidek won in Atlanta 1996 in the same category.

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FuWa or good luck dolls serve as the Official Mascots for the Beijing Olympics 2008. Their vibrant colours are a match to the five rings found in the Olympic logo. How many are there in total? What are the names for each FuWa?



It’s all about sports today. Test your arrow shooting skills in this exciting game of archery fun! At the same time, you will get to learn new vocabularies to enrich your English.

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Let’s see what is sizzling hot for today!

LetzBuzz Bonus!

Great news! In, you can have your very own homepage to show off to your friends! How cool is that?

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LetzDiscover’s Daily Fact!

It’s time to talk about the Jalur Gemilang! How many colours are there in the Malaysian flag? What do each colour represents?



LetzPlay’s Visit Malaysia!

Do you know all the famous places in Malaysia? Get to know several interesting places as you solve the puzzles one by one!

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Create your very own hangout spot!

LetzBuzz is the place where you can start your own little community. Speak up, give ideas, join forums and vote in polls!

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LetzDiscover’s Daily Fact!

The kiwi is a small bird found mostly in New Zealand. Interestingly, it cannot see!

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LetzPlay’s Superior Danger Detective!

Safety is really important. Hunt down the dangers in your very own house!

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NEWSFLASH! Early Bird Promotion!

The Early Bird Always Gets Its Worm!

Good news, everyone! Be among the first 100 to renew your subscription
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LetzDiscover’s Daily Fact!

Today, we are focusing on your lovable colour-changing lizards. Chameleons! Ever wondered why a chameleon changes its skin colour?

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LetzPlay’s Fish Rescue!

Fishing is a fun activity to do in your spare time. It gets even more challenging when we are required to know our plurals as we fish. That’s just the point of this game! Type out the plurals to help the fish from being eaten by the hungry shark!

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Spotlight of the Day!

LetzLearn’s Drill and Practice!

Drilling your way to success! Drill and Practice provides topical-based questions from four subjects; English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics and Science. You can answer as many as you want and end it as you please. Questions are displayed randomly.

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LetzDiscover’s Daily Fact!

It’s all about lizards today. How well do you know this type of animal? Ever wondered why on earth do lizards shed their tails? Does the shedding process hurt? Will it ever grow back?

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LetzPlay’s Typer Snail!

Oh no! Pesky snails are invading the gardens! Help shoo them off by typing the words seen as fast as you can. It’s a race against human fingers and snails!

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