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Salam Aidilfitri!


Riddle Me This!




I have no head.

I have two arms.

But I have no hands.

Am I a ghost?

Or just something simple?


Can you guess what I am?


 Hop over to for more brain-cracking riddles!

Aidilfitri is just around the corner!

It’s time to BALIK KAMPUNG!

Remember to have a safe journey on the rod. Be sure to remind your dad to rest at the nearest R&R whenever he feels tired from all that driving.


Selamat Hari Raya!


Wash off those germs!


You’ll be visiting a lot of houses this Aidilfitri. Remember to wash your hands before eating anything. Washing your hands will keep them clean from germs!


CLICK to find out how!



LetzPlay’s Spotlighted Game!


Come and have a little fun in the kitchen! Find out what dissolves in water to score some points.


CLICK to play!

Dedicate some love!

 We meet again!

Today, we are on a topic of sending out a dedication. First, let’s find out what the word “dedication” actually means. Dedication is a selfless act of sending out a token of affection towards your family or friends, either through sending out a note of love, music or even just a simple hug.


In, we have our very own dedication area! We proudly call it the E-Dedications segment! Inside here, you can write a message to your friends and family. Or even an enemy or two if you have one =D


To do so, just follow these simple steps :

  • Your user name will be automatically filled in the User Name area
  • Write the name of the person you are sending the dedication to in the To panel
  • Then write your message in the Message panel – it can be a simple hi or anything long – it’s up to you!
  • The percentage shows how many characters you have used up to type your message
  • When you are satisfied with everything that you have written so far, click Send Dedication to submit your message


And here is how it will look like!



Ta-daaa!! Now your message is ready to be read by the person you are sending it to. Preferably a member as well!


Send one today? —> CLICK!


Hello, kids!

It’s that time again. A day to see what’s hype and exciting in!

Today, we are going to look at another game in LetzPlay.


Memory recap! What can we find in LetzPlay? LetzPlay features fun and addictive flash games just for you and me. The games are neatly categorized into five main categories; namely Board games, Puzzle games, Word games, Journey games and the all time favourite Arcade games.


Now, which game shall we be focusing on today?





Did you know that a shadow is a dark shape or area caused by an object blocking a certain light source? How many of you had fun playing around with your shadow? Here are a few shadow games you can play with your friends.



  • Shadow Tag! – Instead of tagging your friend, you will have to tag their shadow!
  • Guess Who! – Hang a white sheet across the room. Place an overhead projector and turn off the lights. Have everyone close their eyes. Then one of your friends will go behind the sheet. You will have to guess who it is!
  • LetzPlay’s very own NIGHT SIGHT! – Log on to letzhop and play! =D



This game requires you to have a keen eye on matching the animals based on their shadows. Click on their eyes to match!



Make sure you have a very healthy set of eyes! =D



The pairs will not have the same size. So make sure that you click on the correct pairs!


Last but not least… good luck! —-> Have a go?



We’re halfway through September!

Send out some E-cards to your buddies!

In a mood to send out festival wishes to your friends? Hop over to LetzBuddy and start sending out those E-cards!


CLICK to send!



Turtle Power!

Where does a turtle spend most of its time? Eating pizzas in the sewers or just plainly swimming freely in the ocean? What more can you find out about turtles besides them being green and carry a hard shell on their back?


CLICK to find out!



Monkey Business!

“Help! I’m left behind!” – Spell out the fruits and vegetables correctly to help the little monkey cross the river to the other side and back into its mother’s loving arms.


CLICK to reunite them!

Have fun in the weekends!


It’s Friday, hurrah!


Time to take a break from all those school activities and focus on having a great weekend.


However, even as you enjoy yourselves, don’t forget to finish the homework given by your teachers!


Weekends are also the best time to spend with your family. Help around and do the house chores to lighten mum’s burden. Surprise your dad by washing the family car. Bake cookies with your sister and enjoy a game of throw and catch with your brother. Fun stuff!


Last but not least, feel free to log onto and have fun while learning!