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Being Ugly Won’t Get You Friends?



Just because a person’s ugly on the outside, doesn’t mean that he or she is also ugly in the inside. Remember that looks aren’t everything when it comes to pure friendship!


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Let’s Brush Away!



Do you prefer yucky, rotten, yellow teeth over white, sparkling, healthy teeth? Of course not! So, don’t forget to brush your teeth every day!


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Ninja Lessons in the Dojo!



Prepare to take the ninja entrance exam! All you need to know are your opposites.


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Listen to a story!

Well, what do you know? It’s time for a story!

Today, we are going to read about MOTHER HOLLE. Who is Mother Holle? What will this story be about?

Read on to find out!



Once upon a time …

There was a woman who had two daughters.

Their names were Rossa and Rosie.

Rossa was pretty and hard working.

But Rosie was ugly and very lazy.


One day, Rossa went out to collect some firewood.

On her way home, she saw an old woman.

“My name is Mother Holle. Will you be kind enough to work for me?”




  • Will Rossa stay and help out Mother Holle?
  • Will she decline and head straight back home?
  • Will she run away in fear?


To find out, you will have to log on to and read the continuation of the story there! =D



Exploding fun!

Hello, kids!

It’s that time again. A day to see what’s hype and exciting in!

Today, we are going to look at a certain game in LetzPlay.


Memory recap! What can we find in LetzPlay? LetzPlay features fun and addictive flash games just for you and me. The games are neatly categorized into five main categories; namely Board games, Puzzle games, Word games, Journey games and the all time favourite Arcade games.


Now, which game shall we be focusing on today?





Did you know that a number sequence is a series of numbers that follow a certain pattern?

Here’s an example : 3, 6, 9, 12, etc.



This game requires you to have knowledge on ascending number sequences. You will need to click on all the numbers according to its correct sequence in just 30 seconds! Or else… KA-BOOMMM!!!



Find the lowest number then work yourself upwards!



Umm… besides clicking, arranging numbers and having fun … feel free to challenge your friends as well! See who’s clever enough to diffuse the bomb first! 


Last but not least… good luck! —-> Have a go?



Riddle me this!




I travel by foot.

But I am toeless.

My home is near.

I carry it everywhere.

I fear salt very much.


Can you guess what I am?



Hop over to for more brain-cracking riddles!

Updated Layout! Woot!

Hello, kids!


If you have noticed, we have previously tweaked our layout a little and changed it to a new theme. This is to better suit your viewing pleasure. Besides, it’s also great to have more colours, right? =D


From this one :

Into this one :


Cool, huh? =)


On your right-side, we have listed several social networking sites where you can find us. We plan to include more in the future so just wait and see. And if you happen to own an account or two on the sites listed, feel free to add us!


We would also like to hear suggestions from you on what other social networking sites there are for us to join. We hope to make a lot of new friends and share with them the excitement of becoming a member (like you!).


Warmest regards,

The LetzHop Team.

What’s latest in LetzHop?





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How are our Muslim friends doing?



We hope that you will be able to fulfill the month of Ramadhan with success!


Salam Ramadhan and Happy Fasting!






How good is your memory these days? Take up the challenge and guess where the little marble is hidden!


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LetzDiscover’s Fact of the Day!



Stadium Merdeka is one of the most historical places in Malaysia. What important event took place here?

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LetzPlay’s Daily Spotlight!



Respect your elders! Can you help the old lady count the stones in this fun counting game of Color Stones?

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