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Cool Wallpapers!

Decorate your desktop with some fancy wallpapers exclusively from!



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Sleeping Beauty

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Celebrating the Festival of Lights!

Additional Fun with Let’s Add!

Hello, kids!

It’s that time again. A day to see what’s hype and exciting in!

Today, we are going to look at another game in LetzPlay.


Memory recap! What can we find in LetzPlay? LetzPlay features fun and addictive flash games just for you and me. The games are neatly categorized into five main categories; namely Board games, Puzzle games, Word games, Journey games and the all time favourite Arcade games.


Now, which game shall we be focusing on today?




“Given a target number, select the numbered tiles combination that add up to the target.

The more tiles used, the higher the score!”



How well are you with numbers? Do you like to add? Would you like to play a brain-challenging game of fun? If so, then this is definitely the game for you!



This game requires you to add up some numbers in order to get the same total as the number displayed in the spotlight.

Be creative in using up the numbers. Use as many numbers as you can to get higher points and clear the board.



Make sure you know your numbers! Here’s a clear hint. It has something to do with addition and multiplication!



There’s a time limit in completing the game. So hurry and clear the board! =D


Last but not least… good luck! —-> Have a go?           




What is Malaysia’s National Flower?

It’s the red hibiscus!



Find out more interesting facts on this amazing flower!

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LetzColour with LetzChill!



Here’s how it works.

Drag any colour of your choice to your desired spot and ta-daa! It will be automatically coloured for you!

You can go crazy and colour at your own wish OR you can use the picture guide to help you colour properly.


Interested? Then CLICK HERE and start colouring away!