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Lights Out!



Word of the Day!


Bargain is usually used when you are trying to buy something or when you are trying to negotiate about something.

Bargain =

  • an agreement between two parties
  • to negotiate terms of exchange


Example of sentences where the word bargain can be used:

  • We bargained for a cheap shirt at the local bazaar.
  • Lucy made a bargain with her brother in which she promised to give him a cupcake as long as he kept his pet tarantula away from her room.

What other sentences can you think of that uses the word bargain? =D

Frog Facts!



Amphibia? (O_o)

Frogs belong to a zoological class called Amphibia.

Amphibians, like reptiles, are cold-blooded vertebrate animals.

However, the difference between them is that amphibians lack scales and generally return to water to breed.


There are three types of Amphibians:

  • Anura or Salientia (frogs and toads)
  • Caudate (salamanders and newts)
  • Caecilians (worm-like amphibians)


Are toads and frogs the same? (o_O)

Yes, toads are actually frogs!

Even so, they still have slight differences between them.



  • two bulging eyes
  • strong, long, webbed hind feet that are adapted for leaping and swimming
  • smooth or slimy skin
  • lay eggs in clusters



  • stubby bodies with short hind legs
  • warty and dry skin
  • paratoid (or poison) glands behind their eyes
  • tend to lay eggs in long chains


Life cycle of a frog:



Facts source: AllAboutFrogs 





Where can you find a frog that has a site fun-filled with exciting games and edutainment?!


At of course! (^O^)

Welcome to the Lost World!


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A Cinderella Twist


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School’s Out! (^O^)


Typing Frenzy! ^O^

Hello, kids!

It’s that time again. A day to see what’s hype and exciting in!

Today, we are going to look at another game in LetzPlay.


Memory recap! What can we find in LetzPlay? LetzPlay features fun and addictive flash games just for you and me. The games are neatly categorized into five main categories; namely Board games, Puzzle games, Word games, Journey games and the all time favourite Arcade games.


Now, which game shall we be focusing on today?




typer snail


Did you know?

Common snails have pale grey moist skin. At the front end are four tentacles, the shorter two are for feeling and the longer pair are eye stalks.

Common snails feed by scraping a ribbon-like tongue covered in horny teeth called a radula, over their food. This allows them to scrape algae and lichen from the surface of rocks and walls. You can sometimes see the trails they leave behind as they eat their way through the algae on a damp wall.



  • This game requires you to use your typing skills.
  • Use the keyboard to type.
  • Type out as many words as you can to wipe out the snails before they reach the growing sunflower plant!



You will also need keen eyes and a good memory!



The higher the level, the faster the snails! (O_O)


Last but not least… good luck! —-> Have a go?    


    typer31     typer2         typer