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Happy New Year 2011

Say goodbye to year 2010 and welcome a new year 2011..we wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that 2011 brings you much success and prosperity in all your endeavors. And don’t forget to stay here at


Happy father’s day (‘-‘)

Happy father’s day from team.

Dad loves you and guides you each and every day. Today it’s your turn to show how much you love him. Express your love with our warm Father’s Day ecards at

Hello, kids!! We meet again. what about your holiday??interesting??enjoy?. But now is time to study  right!… So tired arhhhh…but wait, don’t be lazy. Why not we start our study with interesting and of course you will be happy…happy and happy ( ”_” ).well, today  we are going to look and think one riddle


There is a green house,
Inside the green house,

there is a white house,
Inside the white house,

there is a red house,
Inside the red house, there are lots of babies

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Football championship!!!!!!


Did you know, Association football, more commonly known as football  or  soccer , is a  team sport played between two teams of eleven players using a spherical ball . It is the most popular sport in the world…..let’s enjoy with the  great sport during your holidays..have fun!!!

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School’s Out

Happy holidays!!!!

5 June 2010 – 20 June 2010

                      Happy holidays from



   Let’s colouring – click on an image to print and colour






Hei kids!!!!

    Enjoy your holidays with me


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Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s birthday

   FACT FOR TODAY_________________________________________________ 


 The Yang di-Pertuan Agong is the head of state of Malaysia. The office was established at independence in 1957. 

  Translated into literal English, the words mean “He who is made Lord”. However, common alternatives are “King”, “Supreme Ruler”, “Paramount Ruler”, or “Supreme Head of State”. 

The position of Yang di-Pertuan Agong is rotated every five years among the nine Rulers of the Malay states __________________________________________________________________________________________ 


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Happy Wesak day


Happy Wesak day



Do you Know??

Vesak, or Vesākha, is an annual holiday observed traditionally by Buddhists in the South Asian and South East Asian countries of Nepal, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia and India. Sometimes informally called “Buddha’s Birthday,” it actually encompasses the birth, enlightenment (Nirvana), and passing away (Parinirvana) of Gautama Buddha.


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Typing Frenzy! ^O^

Hello, kids!

It’s that time again. A day to see what’s hype and exciting in!

Today, we are going to look at another game in LetzPlay.


Memory recap! What can we find in LetzPlay? LetzPlay features fun and addictive flash games just for you and me. The games are neatly categorized into five main categories; namely Board games, Puzzle games, Word games, Journey games and the all time favourite Arcade games.


Now, which game shall we be focusing on today?




typer snail


Did you know?

Common snails have pale grey moist skin. At the front end are four tentacles, the shorter two are for feeling and the longer pair are eye stalks.

Common snails feed by scraping a ribbon-like tongue covered in horny teeth called a radula, over their food. This allows them to scrape algae and lichen from the surface of rocks and walls. You can sometimes see the trails they leave behind as they eat their way through the algae on a damp wall.



  • This game requires you to use your typing skills.
  • Use the keyboard to type.
  • Type out as many words as you can to wipe out the snails before they reach the growing sunflower plant!



You will also need keen eyes and a good memory!



The higher the level, the faster the snails! (O_O)


Last but not least… good luck! —-> Have a go?    


    typer31     typer2         typer