We meet again!

Today, we are on a topic of sending out a dedication. First, let’s find out what the word “dedication” actually means. Dedication is a selfless act of sending out a token of affection towards your family or friends, either through sending out a note of love, music or even just a simple hug.


In LetzHop.com, we have our very own dedication area! We proudly call it the E-Dedications segment! Inside here, you can write a message to your friends and family. Or even an enemy or two if you have one =D


To do so, just follow these simple steps :

  • Your Letzhop.com user name will be automatically filled in the User Name area
  • Write the name of the person you are sending the dedication to in the To panel
  • Then write your message in the Message panel – it can be a simple hi or anything long – it’s up to you!
  • The percentage shows how many characters you have used up to type your message
  • When you are satisfied with everything that you have written so far, click Send Dedication to submit your message


And here is how it will look like!



Ta-daaa!! Now your message is ready to be read by the person you are sending it to. Preferably a LetzHop.com member as well!


Send one today? —> CLICK!